Redgold Documentation

Redgold Documentation

Node Setup

How to setup a node on the Redgold network. Coming soon

Recommended hosting providers

Hetzner Hostnoc Interserver Hostinger AWS

NOTE: This is WIP and not finished. Not all commands working / complete yet

There are many variations on setting up a node, but this is the recommended flow. If you know what you are doing, feel free to customize this as much as possible to your desired security setting, as some steps can be omitted or changed depending on whether you're using a cold computer or desire more or less security.

Use the deploy wizard

redgold deploy

Or do each step manually here with:

Set up an environment variable with a cryptomator cloud-backed up drive:

export REDGOLD_SECURE_DATA_PATH="your_backup"

Generate a purely random mnemonic seed for storage

redgold generate-mnemonic --random-seed-backup

redgold add-server -h

docker run redgoldio/redgold:dev