Redgold Documentation

Redgold Documentation

Getting started with Redgold

Learn about how the project works, using the wallet, building an application, using native swaps, and portfolio operations.

  • Hardware Wallet Support Cold signing process supported
  • Whitepaper and Technical Details documentation
  • Understand the core processes
  • Example applications explained
  • CLI usage guides
  • Node deployment guides
$cargo install redgold$redgold gui
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What's included

Wallet Usage

Quick Start Guide to using a Redgold wallet

Deposits & Swaps

Quick Start Guide to performing native swaps & using AMMs

Portfolio Target Models

Quick Start Guide to designing and managing your portfolio

Node Setup

Quick Start Guide for operating and maintaining your own peer to peer server

Application Development

Quick Start Guide to building applications on top of Redgold and understanding the platform capabilities


Read the Whitepaper to understand the core concepts and design of Redgold